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That’s just how Danielle Colby says she met Mike Wolfe more than 10 years ago. They were both eyeing the same “find” and struck up a conversation. Their discoveries are resold either to collectors or through their store, Antique Archeology, which Colby manages. It is real, we actually do work there, we do depend on it for our livelihood,” Colby says in a phone interview earlier this week from Chicago. Colby says that, three to four days a week, she makes the two-hour trip from her home in Chicago to work at Antique Archaeology in LeClaire, Iowa. Viewers know she was also the driving force behind opening the pickers’ second store in Nashville, which she says she frequently visits. She also owns her own store, 4 Miles to Memphis in Chicago, which her husband and niece run. Colby says it’s not unusual for fans at meet-and-greets — like the one she’s doing tonight in Chattanooga — to bring in items for her inspection, but she’s quick to add “the boys know so much more about antiques than I do as far as value goes.

Danielle Colby

Learn the truth about Danielle Colby, potentially leaving American Pickers. The rumor mill does not stop when it comes to the speculations about Danielle Colby potentially leaving American pickers. But what is the real truth? Let’s find out.

Frank Fritz can date whoever he wants — it’s none of our business, but this seems to be pure fabrication as well. Danielle’s had a history of.

Lately, there have been some rumors that Danielle is leaving American Pickers. That being said, there has been no official announcement that Danielle is leaving the show, and her IMDb profile lists American Pickers episodes featuring her through At least as of right now, you can still rest assured that Danielle is a major player on the show. However, judging by her posts on Instagram, Danielle may no longer be working at Antique Archaeology. It looks as though she is currently living in Puerto Rico.

In a interview , she revealed that she and Mike had been friends for nearly 10 years before production on the show even began. One thing I wanted when I hired her and I knew she was going to be on camera, I wanted someone that did not look like they would work in any antique shop because I wanted our show to be looked at in a different way. Mission accomplished, right?

Colby more than a pretty face on ‘American Pickers’

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Danielle Colby born December 3, is an American reality television personality [1] who appears on the History reality television show American Pickers. In May , she told WQAD-TV that “fame and notoriety are not easy for him to deal with at all, so the relationship ended up not working out”. Colby owned and participated in a female roller derby team, the Big Mouth Mickies, for three years until injuries forced her to give it up. While living with her family in Chicago , she attended a burlesque performance starring comedian Margaret Cho and dancer Satan’s Angel.

This prompted in her a desire to become a burlesque dancer; and, after she moved back with her family to the Quad Cities area of Iowa, [2] she created the professional burlesque troupe Burlesque Le Moustache , with nine performers, including Colby herself under the stage name Dannie Diesel, [5] touring eastern Iowa and western Illinois. Colby had been a close friend of Mike Wolfe for a decade before the concept of the show had even been developed.

American Pickers premiered on the History Channel on January 18, Colby owned and operated [ citation needed ] 4 Miles 2 Memphis, a retro clothing based company. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American reality television personality. Davenport , Iowa , U. American Pickers. Archived from the original website on August 13, Retrieved January 26,

Is Danielle Colby Really Leaving ‘American Pickers’? Here’s What We Know

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wjerryzOct 28, I had to write a second comment on Danielle. I watched her on pickers this morning. And herself and wolf were on the road. She is.

Perhaps it is just the awesome chemistry the two have or their genteel, Midwestern manners. We personally think it is because of the spunkiness provided by the office manager, Danielle. Danielle loves the punk lifestyle and especially loves the music that comes with it. She says that the first american that really got her into the mike about the Irish american Surprising Pogues, dating that she has been hooked ever since. Danielle says surprising it was only a hop skip and a leap to other bands such as Against Me!

It turns out that Danielle Colby is quite the entomologist and entomophile. What does that mean? It means that she really really likes bugs, and love learning all about the little critters. While most girls and women try danielle live their lives as bug free as possible, Colby is super interested in them and in how they help dating balance out the ecosystem.

30 Images Of ‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby

In small towns, and along Americas back roads, treasures are waiting to be uncovered – valuable relics from our history that are hidden in junk piles, buried in barns and stacked in garages. It takes experts to find them and turn rust to riches. American Pickers follows two of the most skilled pickers – Mike Wolfe, owner of Antique Archaeology, and his business partner, Frank Fritz – as they hunt down objects with historical, collectible and pop culture value.

Along the way, they meet people whose own stories open a window into American lives and history. American Pickers: Collection Four proves there is no place Mike and Frank will not go in search of hidden treasure as they pick through the hills of Malibu, California, go to a backcountry Alabama auction and go on assignment for William Shatner. Skip to main content.

If there’s one person who’s supportive of “American Pickers” star Danielle Colby stripping down as a burlesque performer, it’s her co-star and.

American Pickers has some of the highest ratings on the History Channel, and has been on the air for nearly 10 years. This Iowa girl seems to have done it all, but who is she really? And how did she get to have such a cool job? American Pickers is a show which has practically taken over the airwaves. It follows a duo of guys named Mike and Frank who travel around the country looking at old junkyards for interesting and cool historical items.

But the person behind all of the sales, the one who finds them and sets them up, and the real driving force behind the show is definitely Danielle Colby. And she has a story more interesting than any item ever picked. Danielle Colby was born and raised in the Midwestern town of Davenport, Iowa. Located on the banks of the Mississippi River, the city is located across the river from Moline, Illinois and a short drive away from Chicago.

This closeness to the Windy City was one of the main influences in her life, giving her an avenue of escape as well as exposing her to the world of alternative subculture.

American Pickers

Danielle Colby born December 3, dating an American reality television personality [1] who co-stars on the History reality television show American Pickers. In May , she told WQAD-TV that “fame and notoriety are not easy for him to about with at all, so the relationship ended up not colby out”. Colby owned and participated in a female roller derby team, the Big Mouth American, for three until injuries forced her to give it up.

Learn the truth about Danielle Colby, potentially leaving American Pickers. Several Who Is Parker Schnabel Dating Now? Why Did He and.

No, this rumor seems like it was pure conjecture. The fact that Mike and Frank spend so much time together traveling across the country made gossipy minds and mouths run wild. Frank is considerably more private in disclosing details of his personal life. But Danielle Colby may not have gotten that memo. Allegedly, over the course of those two years, she had yet to pay any of it.

Who knows, maybe it was an honest mistake made by the celebrity picker. This time, it had nothing to do with picking …. On July 30, several callers reported a silver pickup truck swerving and traveling the wrong direction on the interstate. By the time a police officer was able to respond to the calls, the driver had turned around.

The policeman noticed he was still swerving, however, and pulled him over. Frank Fritz was given a field sobriety test, which he failed. After getting her the best possible care to correct the birth defect, Wolfe turned his eyes to others in need. Operation Smile provides free surgery to children afflicted with orofacial clefts all over the world. Mike Wolfe knew he had to get involved.

The untold truth of Danielle Colby

When American Pickers debuted in , audiences were delighted to discover how some seemingly mundane objects could have a secret and surprising value. A fan favorite, Danielle is responsible for finding leads and determining which ones warrant an in-person inspection, in addition to her responsibilities running the shop. Although not the main focus in the show, Danielle has arguably one of the most stand-out stories.

born December 3, dating an American reality television personality [1] who co-stars on the History reality television show American Pickers. In May, she told WQAD-TV that “fame and notoriety are not easy for him to about with at all, so the relationship ended up not.

You turn on the History channel every Monday at 9 p. But how much do you know about this Antique Archaeology collector? They have a six-year-old daughter named Charlie, and Jodi also has a year-old son from a prior relationship. My husband later told me what a feeling it must be to see your child do something so amazing like that. I thought to myself it was time we get serious about having our own.

I wanted that feeling for him. The love doctor is in… the van!

American Pickers: Danielle Surprises with an Amazing Pick

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